• Reusable Bamboo Face Pads

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Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads

Reusable Bamboo Face Pads

14 Pads - 7 white terry bamboo pads and 7 grey charcoal bamboo pads and a large mesh bag with zipper. It comes packaged in a giftable tropical inspired box.

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How to Use our Reusable Face Pads

The product feels very luxurious and soft and the box that it comes in seems more high end boutique. I am thrilled to use these as I have been wanting to replace disposable cotton pads and makeup wipes...

John B

These reusable makeup pads gets the job done and is super fast. The packaging to this product is well done. I noticed I had to use more of the gray pads to remove my makeup vs the white pads I only needed one. The two are made of different materials probably thats why. It also comes with a mesh bag to throw your pads in when washing them.

Zaid A.

The pads felt very nice on my face. More of a skincare junkie versus makeup junkie myself, so I’ve been using the pads for my various toner and serum applications. With the pads I feel like I can more evenly distribute the products on my skin versus my fingertips. I also feel less guilty about my environmental footprint since I can reuse these pads. The traditional cotton pads were really adding up since I can easily go through 10 a day.

Alice H.

Cutest packaging and the product does not disappoint. Love using these and highly recommended!


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